Racism in America or Amerikkka( as some might call it)

Yes, Donald Trump is our President elect. People are upset and they are starting to protest, and riots are forming. I have seen individuals post on social media speaking about this new racism.  Their expressing their experiences with racism, and that it’s revamping on the scene because of Mr. Trump. 
I guess i’ll say racism never left. We didn’t care about it before. I do wonder are people looking for racist individuals just to say they saw a racist after the election. These people didn’t change because Trump won the presidency. Their hearts were cold before Tuesday. I have seen the effects of parents lashing out, and you’re brainwashing your kids. Every Caucasian is not a racist, and every black person didn’t support Hilary. 

I wish I could show my spin class to the world. My cousin and I were the only African-American in this class. We were in the room with Caucasians in there 60s and 70s. Because of today’s thinking I knew we were going to feel a backlash, and I was prepared to get stared down. But, that didn’t happen. They welcomed us, and help us to fix our bike and seats. It was an excellent class. Do I believe racism exist? Yes, of course I do. But it doesn’t have anything to do with the election.  It has to do with the way you were raised, and your view of the world. Just my point of view. Enjoy your day.

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